Buenos Aires

  • “Clamor in the Desert,” a sukkah by Mirta Kumpferminc.

  • “Mother of All Chairs,” by Mirta Kumpferminc.


Buenos Aires


LABA-BA was launched in Buenos Aires in 2015 by Mirta Kupferminc as artistic director, following her one-year stint as the first-ever international fellow at LABA NY during the year of MOTHER. Inspired by her experience, she began working on the creation of LABA BA. She partnered up with Tova Shvartzman, poet, psychoanalyst, and text scholar, who has taught at LABA BA since the beginning.  

Buenos Aires is home to a vibrant Jewish community and arts and culture scene. LABA BA creates a place where these two worlds can speak, seeding culture-makers with ancient ideas and images that grow inside of them and inform their process and their work.

Buenos Aires has had fellows from a wide range of disciplines: musicians, mimes, actors, comedians, cartoonists, muralists, tea sommeliers, filmmakers, jewelers, etc.

LABA-BA fue lanzado en Buenos Aires en 2015 por Mirta Kupferminc como directora artística, luego de un año como primera becaria internacional en LABA NY durante el año de MADRE. Inspirada por su experiencia, comenzó a trabajar en la creación de LABA BA. Se asoció con Tova Shvartzman, poeta, psicoanalista y estudiosa de textos, que ha enseñado en LABA BA desde el principio.

Buenos Aires es el hogar de una vibrante comunidad judía y una escena artística y cultural. LABA BA crea un lugar donde estos dos mundos pueden hablar, sembrando a los creadores de cultura con ideas e imágenes antiguas que crecen dentro de ellos e informan su proceso y su trabajo.

Buenos Aires ha convocado artistas de las más variadas disciplinas: músicos, mimos, actores, humoristas, dibujantes, muralistas, sommeliers de té, filmmakers, joyeros etc.



  • Mirta Kupferminc, Artistic Director

    Mirta is an award-winning Argentine artist, lecturer and teacher. She was born in Buenos Aires to immigrant parents who had survived Auschwitz. Exile and migration, identity, human rights and memory, are the themes that run through her work. Since 1977, she has had over 100 solo exhibitions, including representing Argentina in international biennials. Her works are in numerous collections, among them the Golda Meir Library, Wisconsin University, Milwaukee; Library of Congress, Washington DC; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; The Fine Arts Taipei Museum, Taiwan; and the Shanghai National Museum, China. Mirta directs her own studio and Grafica Insurgente, where she trains professional artists. She founded LABA BA in 2015.

  • Graciela (Tova) Shvartzman, Content Director

    Tova has a degree in sociology from the University of Buenos Aires, and Jewish history from the Institute of Jewish Sciences of Buenos Aires. She is also a psychoanalyst. She has been a university teacher in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, has held positions of direction and institutional coordination in the Jewish community in Argentina, as well as in national programs and with the United Nations (UNDP). She has actively collaborated in the treatment of the victims of the terrorist attack to the Israeli Embassy in Argentina, and to the victims of the AMIA bombing attack in Buenos Aires. She has represented the Jewish community before the Argentine President’s office, in the Secretariat of Human Development and Family, and has been part of the DAIA Commission of Investigation on the disappeared Jews during the dictatorship. She has lectured in Madrid, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere, and published articles on Jewish culture and myths. She's edited books including: "De Grietas y Entretantos" (poetry), and “ En Cualquier Aqui", "Evanescencia" (art books).

  • Valeria Budasoff, Projects Director

    Valeria’s trained in sculpture and carving in marble with the sculptor Raquel Fliess and studied contemporary art with Fabiana Barreda, Valeria Gonzalez, Sergio Bazan, Mirta Kupferminc.She’s received philosophical training by the philosopher Diana Sperling. Founder and member since 2012 of the Art Group Entresuturas, together with Myriam Jawerbaum and Viviana Romay, which approaches the theme against gender violence She received the Bonifacio del Carril Award from the ANBA in 2001, the first prize in the Sacred Art Salon at the Sempere Burzaco Museum in 2003, the FNA Fellowship for the Frazadas project for group projects in 2011, and the LABA BA 2017 fellowship. Valeria has had solo exhibitions and has participated in national salons, municipal and collective exhibitions as well as curatorial activities and solidarity projects.

  • MYRIAM JAWERBAUM, Projects Director

    Myriam was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1959 where she lives and works. She has a degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires in 1983, and works in the field of textile techniques, especially in craft paper. Her work is explores the concept of otherness as the responsibility that each one has for the other. She is co-founder and member since 2012 of the Entresuturas Art Group and co-founder of the Cazadores de Arte Foundation. She participates in local and international exhibitions of textile art. She was awarded the highest recognition to an Argentinean artist, the National Grand Prize, National Prize of Honor-Textile in 2016. She obtained a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2011 for the project “Frazadas.” Some of her works are in private collections in the United States, Colombia, Israel and Argentina.

2023 Buenos Aires LABA FELLOWS

  • Gustavo “Peto” Menahem

    Es actor, escritor y director. Ha participado en numerosas y reconocidas obras de teatro, películas, series, programas de televisión y radio. Conduce también el programa de entrevistas “Padres e hijos”, distinguido con varios premios y que actualmente se emite en Uruguay y EEUU. Suele tener, además, proyectos musicales. Ha incursionado de forma autodidacta y amateur en el collage. Hasta el momento ha publicado dos libros: “Manual de Antiayuda” y “La vida perfecta”.

    Gustavo is an Argentinean actor, writer and director. He has participated in numerous well-known plays, movies, series, television and radio shows, including the movies ” Anita” and ” Juntos para siempre” as well as the acclaimed plays :” Le Prenom” and “Perfectos desconocidos”. He also hosts the award-winning TV show “Parents and Children,” which is currently broadcast in Uruguay and the US. He is also involved in music projects and has dabbled in visual collage in a self-taught and amateur way. So far he has published two books: “Manual de Antiayuda” and “La Vida Perfecta”, published by Editorial Planeta


  • Dalia Ber

    Estudió periodismo en TEA. Se especializó en periodismo cultural como redactora La Maga web  y como guionista de documentales televisivos en Canal á, History, Discovery y otras señales de cable (2001-2021). Redactó guiones para documentales biográficos publicados por la revista Ñ del diario Clarín (2004). En la actualidad colabora en medios gráficos como Clarín Cultura, La Agenda de Buenos Aires y Almagro Revista y escribe guiones para Canal Encuentro. Es coautora del libro Los 80 (2015), Editorial Planeta.

    Dalia studied journalism at TEA School in Buenos Aires and specialized in cultural reporting. He writing has appeared in La Maga web journal and she has worked as a scriptwriter for television documentaries on Canal á, History, Discovery and other cable channels (2001-2021). She wrote scripts for biographical documentaries published by the cultural magazine Ñ of the “Clarín” newspaper (2004). She also contributes to “Clarín Cultura,” “La Agenda de Buenos Aires” and “Almagro Magazine” and writes scripts for Canal Encuentro. She is co-author of the book “Los 80” (2015), Editorial Planeta.

  • Chelo Knoblovits

    Quien soy? Mi propósito es descubrirlo a través de la música, a través de la poesía, a través del arte. Qué puedo ofrecer? Sonidos y palabras. Polvo y piedras. El arte a veces precisa de una justificación, pero la música la necesita también? Compongo canciones desde mi juventud en Buenos Aires. Años después en Argentina forme parte de varios conjuntos de música latinoamericana. Luego conocí un comediante que estaba en sus comienzos. Empecé a trabajar junto a él mezclando música con humor. Y hoy en día el es uno de los más famosos cómicos en la escena Argentina y Latinoamericana. Más allá de todo tengo mis canciones en las que trabajo todos los días y varias noches. Y que son el sustento de mi devenir artístico. Terminé la escuela secundaria en Israel donde encontré un hermoso, nuevo viejo idioma para cantar y comunicarme.

    Who am I? My purpose is to figure it out, through music, through poetry, through art. What can I offer? Sounds and words. Dust and stones. Art, sometimes needs a justificación but does music need it too?I’ve composed songs since my youth in Buenos Aires. I finished secondary school in Israel where I found a new old beautiful language to sing and communicate. Years later in Argentina I developed, with some colleagues, a few bands of Latin American music. And then I met a comedian that was just starting, and I began to work with him, mixing stand-up and music, and today he is one of the most famous and remarkable comedians in the Argentinian and Latin American scene. We still work together. Beyond everything, I have my songs, in which I work every single day and some nights. Which are the substance of my artistic development.

  • Daniela Ema Aguinsky

    Me formé en el CIC (Centro de Investigación Cinematográfica), en la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras y en el Programa de Cine de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Dirigí los cortos La Guardia Virtual (BAFICI 2019), Huracán Berta (Asterisco 2020) y Moshik (2021). Escribo, traduzco poesía y filmo cosas.

    I studied film and literature, directed the shorts “Virtual Guard” (BAFICI 2019), “Hurricane Berta” (Asterisco 2020) and “Moshik” (2021). I write and translate poetry & film.

  • Maxi Kronenberg

    Soy Maxi Kronenberg, de Buenos Aires (Argentina). Soy periodista, periodista deportivo y también tengo una maestría en Periodismo en la Universidad de San Andrés. Desde 1997 hasta la actualidad he trabajado y escrito varios artículos sobre cultura, deportes, entretenimiento, finanzas, historia, sociedad y otros temas en periódicos, radio, TV y medios digitales como el diario Clarín, la agencia de noticias Télam, el sitio web Sala de Inversión y los canales de noticias Fox Sports, América TV y C5N. Mi primer libro Perón, Gardel y los Deportes fue publicado en 2019. Mi segundo libro sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial se publicará este año. Puedes seguirme en las redes sociales como @maxikronenberg.

    I’m Maxi Kronenberg, I’m from Buenos Aires (Argentina). I’m a journalist. I have a master’s in journalism from San Andres University. I’ve written articles about culture, entertainment, finances, history, society, sports and other issues in newspapers, radio, TV, and digital media since 1997 at publications including “Clarín,” Telam news agency, Sala de Inversión and Fox Sports, América TV and C5N TV News Channels. My first e-book Perón, Gardel y Los Deportes published in 2019. My next book is about WWII.


  • Yasmin Garfunkel

    Nació en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Es Licenciada y Profesora en Artes, orientación Música, por la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y técnica en Canto Lírico por el Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla. Ha tenido el privilegio de cantar en las salas del Teatro Colón, Usina del Arte, Teatro Gran Rex, Centro Nacional de la Música, Templo Libertad y American Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse, EE.UU, entre otras. Integra el Área de Investigaciones en Artes del Espectáculo y Judeidad del Instituto de Artes del Espectáculo “Dr. Raúl H. Castagnino”. FFyL. UBA.

    Yasmin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a musicology and arts education graduate from University of Buenos Aires and holds a degree in vocal performance from Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla. She has had the privilege of performing in some of the main stages of Buenos Aires, as well as in Shakespeare Center’s Blackfriars Playhouse, USA.  She is a member of the Área de Investigaciones en Artes del Espectáculo y Judeidad del Instituto de Artes del Espectáculo “Dr. Raúl H. Castagnino”. FFyL. UBA (Performing Arts and Jewishness Research Area at Performing Arts Institute “Dr. Raúl H. Castagnino”. FFyL. UBA).


  • Omar Panosetti

    Como artista visual ha sido galardonado en el año 2004. Con el Gran Premio de Dibujo del Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales. Este año 2018. Invitado a participar del Concurso Trabucco de Dibujo. Invitado por la Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. Obtuvo la Mención de Honor. También obtuvo premios y menciones en distintos salones y concursos en el país. Desde 2014 a 2020 da un taller de Ilustración Creativa en Florida, para el Municipio de Vicente Lopéz. Dicta su taller de Dibujo y Pintura desde 2012. Da un taller de Historieta e ilustración para niños en la Escuela Integral Buenos Ayres. CABA. Técnicas de representación gráfica en el ENET Nº 6 Fernando Fader. Diseño Ilustración digital, photoshop, illustrator. Dicta seminarios de murales, en distintas provincias enviado por el CFI. Ha participado como jurado en Salones y concursos de artes visuales y diseño. En 2016, edita su libro “Un día de esos”. Libro 200 años de vida judía en Argentina, AMIA 2010. MondoPano, dibujos. Año 2000 (Colección Orbital). Desde 2008 trabaja en forma independiente tanto en el campo del diseño como haciendo ilustraciones para editoriales, agencias.

    Visual artist. Illustrator. Teacher. In 2004 he was awarded with the grand prize for drawing from the National Visual Arts Hall. In 2018, he was invited to participate in the Trabucco Drawing Contest by the National Academy of Fine Arts. His entry obtained the Honorable Mention. In 2003, he received the 2nd Prize for drawing, Manuel Belgrano Municipal Hall of Drawing and Engraving. He has also obtained awards and mentions in different salons and competitions in the country. From 2014 to 2020 he taught a creative illustration workshop in Florida, for the Municipality of Vicente Lopéz. He’s been teaching drawing and painting workshops since 2012, and gives a cartoon and illustration workshop for children at the Buenos Aires comprehensive school, CABA. Graphic representation techniques in ENET Nº 6 Fernando Fader. Design digital illustration, photoshop, illustrator. He gives mural seminars in different provinces sent by the CFI. He has participated as a jury in salons and competitions of visual arts and design. In 2016, he published his book “One of those days”. He contributed to “200 Years of Jewish Life in Argentina,” (AMIA) in 2010 and “MondoPano,” in  2000 (Orbital Collection). Since 2008 he has worked independently both in the field of design and doing illustrations for publishers, agencies.


  • Charley Rappaport

    56 años. Actor, Cantante, Bailarín. Cantautor.  A los 50 años, retome la actividad artística que había abandonado a los 30. Integró distintas obras de Teatro, Comedia Musical, Unipersonales, Stand Up Comedy Shows, Cine, Publicidad, TV y programas de Radio. En 2016 grabo su primer disco con temas de su autoria. Hasta el cierre de teatros por la actual pandemia, estaba protagonizando “El Dogma”; la versión local de la obra de Scholem Asch, “God of Vengance”. Actualmente, da clases de teatro, es coach de conversación en Idiomas, y participa como actor en diferentes proyectos de Cine, Series y TV.

    56 years. Actor. Singer. Dancer. Songwriter.  At age of 50, I started a comeback to the path of ART that I’d abandoned when I was 30.  I’ve worked in plays, musicals, one-man-shows, stand-up comedy, film, advertising, TV, and radio shows. In 2016,  he recorded his first record with his own songs. Until the pandemia’s shutdown of theaters, he was performing the lead role of “El Dogma”, the local version of Scholem Asch’s play “God of Vengeance” He currently is giving drama classes, coaching foreign language conversation meetings, and acting small parts in movies, series and TV shows.

  • Pulso, colectivo de artistas

    Pulso, colectivo de artistas
    (Bío en castellano y en inglés)
    Pulso es un colectivo de artistas integrado por Carina Toker y Gabriela Esterovich.
    Carina, directora de espectáculos y coreógrafa, Gabriela, artista visual y docente.
    Sus miradas confluyen en este nuevo espacio de proyectos, luego de conocerse en 2018 en las sesiones de estudio de Laba BA.
    En 2019 Carina presentó su obra de teatro para niños “Un Gólem en Buenos Aires” en el 14th Street Y Theatre de NYC, invitando a Gabriela para desarrollar un programa educativo, focalizado en el potencial del guión y orientado a la educación en valores.
    Motivadas por el espíritu de Laba en esta interesante experiencia, se integran ahora como Pulso-colectivo de artistas con el propósito de investigar y generar nuevas creaciones artísticas.
    Pulso (Pulse) is an artist collective formed by Carina Toker and Gabriela Esterovich. Carina is a show director and choreographer, and Gabriela is a visual artist and art teacher. Their views have aligned in this new project space, after they met in 2018, at Laba BA study sessions.
    In 2019, Carina presented her children’s theater play ‘A Golem from Buenos Aires’ at the 14th Street Y Theater in New York City, where she invited Gabriela to develop an educational program focused on the potential of the plot to work on values education.
    Motivated by the spirit of Laba in such interesting experience working together, they now formed Pulso, an artist collective, with the purpose of conducting research and generating new art creations.