We Have a Team!

They were in my living room. I was in Chicago. Or Pennsylvania? Maybe it was Atlanta. I travel too much. But that’s not the point. The point is they were in my living room! An entire production team.

It always surprises me to see all the names in playbills at shows. What do all those people do? It turns out that as we’ve been making these plays around the country with the barest of bones, that elsewhere in the world of theater, there are actual teams of people — TEAMS! — designing costumes, sets, props, lighting, sound. There are stage managers and assistant stage managers, and associate directors, and production managers, and (gasp!) producers!

I’ve never been a part of a production that had a real team. I’m all over the country making theater magic out of spit and gumption with the talents and energies of local volunteers! But now, thanks to the incredible privilege made possible by the 14th Street Y’s hospitality and the Covenant Foundation’s munificence, there’s a costume designer, a sound designer, a set designer, a lighting designer, a production manager, a production stage manager, two assistant stage managers, an associate director, and a producer.

And last Monday night they were in my living room. I missed the meeting, but not the meaning, of collaborators working together to help bring these plays we’ve made around the country home to New York where I live when I’m not earning frequent flier miles. And while I’m sad I wasn’t in the room, it means I get the gift of surprise when I get to see their brilliant work come together. We load in to the theater April 23rd. And on May 1st, you can see their work, too!

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