My First Day in the Office at the Y

Yesterday was my first day in an office since 2001. That’s crazy. Truth is it wasn’t so bad. Easy to get energy for the work when the work feels worthwhile and when it’s all about making my artistic ideas possible. And Ronit and Laura were so welcoming at the Y. I felt bad I spent so much of my time on the phone, but now I understand what my wife Jen means when she talks about meetings preventing the real work. I did get some things accomplished, though of course not most things and NO script-writing! I’m starting to wonder how I’m going to get any of that done, and more to the point, when? I feel like I am at war. (Ronit would be happy). It’s just I’m at war with the busywork that keeps me from finishing the fifth play. We premiere in KC in 7½ weeks. Fuck.

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