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This is my commitment: I will use this journal to document my journey from five plays to one. Sometimes that might come in the form of personal reflection, and sometimes it will give me space to work out ideas and evolutions (changes) to the stories we’re telling, how we’re telling them, and specific ideas I want to remember to take with me into the rehearsal room. I will hopefully be able to draw from this journal for the blog. But my goal is to not write like someone is reading these pages, but rather to let this stand as an unvarnished record of my thoughts from now until May 20, 2018. Today I have a budget and marketing strategy meeting with Becky Skoff at the 14th Street Y. I’m truly a neophyte on all this producing stuff, so in some ways it will provide me with a crash course this year in the minutiae of producing. But I don’t want to be a producer. One reason why I hired Martha! My hope is that I’ll pick up enough along the way to be able to support her work. I really do hope that I can get to exploring and scripting The Sarah Play at some point this week so I can get pages to the actors in Kansas City. Please God (first prayer of 5778?) let the angels of the inbox protect me from the inevitable deluge.

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