Drunk Debrief

I slept through the whole thing. But even from my place in bed upstage center, with my eyes mostly closed, I could hear a world around me full of beautiful melody, profound story, and a SodaStream. I know at one point there was a dancer, and video played and some woman interrupted the sommelier to toast her sister’s bat mitzvah. I was working hard on my back, trying to stifle laughs about meat addiction and trying to lie still so as to not distract from the powerful pieces of my peers. Every now and then the lights would come up on me in my bed and I’d shoot out from under the covers in my boxer shorts and explore carnal regrets of characters from the Torah. But then I’d go back to sleep. And while I slept I heard there was great wine (my wife loved the red bubbly described so well by Ron) and scintillating limmud; Liel Leibovitz and Ruby Namdar taught Jewish text through the lens of the great Rabbeim, including David Letterman and Leonard Cohen (z’l). Supposedly there were M&M’s on the tables, but when I woke up for good only pretzels remained. For everyone who attended DRUNK with eyes wide open, it was a thrilling night full of wine, study, and art. For the one schmuck who slept through the whole thing? I’m just grateful there was plenty of wine left over for that guy. He sure was thirsty after doing all that “work.”

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