LABA-BA: Laboratorio de Arte y Cultura Judía is the first house of study for artists in Latin America based on LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture at the 14th Street Y in in New York. LABA-BA reaches both Buenos Aires and greater Argentina. It is an artists’ fellowship program in which around 10 culture-makers — a mix of visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors and others — are brought together to study classic Jewish texts in a non-religious, open-minded setting.

An integral part of the LABA-BA program will be shared study and dialogue between the New York and Buenos Aires fellows and teachers via a virtual classroom.

In December, LABA-BA will perform A Golem from Buenos Aires at the 14th Street Y theater. Click here for tickets and info.


Mirta is a multidisciplinary artist. She thinks that frontiers in art are an invitation to be transgressed. She articulates her works through her knowledge of traditional techniques with new technologies and a deep conceptual construction. She loves to face new challenges and work as part of a multidisciplinary and international team. Mirta was the first international fellow at LABA in New York, and after living that wonderful experience, she launched LABA-BA: Laboratorio de Arte y Cultura Judía in Buenos Aires.
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Sabrina GRACIELA SHVARTZMAN (TOVA), Content Director
Tova is a psychoanalyst and professor of Jewish history at Ha Midrasha Ha Ivrit, with a Master degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires. She has been the director of numerous Jewish institutions. Tova is a writer of poetry and has published: “De grietas y Entretantos” and “Make yourself a Father”, “El sueño de Rav Ashi,” “La Trampa del Edén” (work in collaboration) among others. Currently, she teaches at local and international universities while also working at her studio as a psychoanalyst.
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TovaSABRINA FERDER, Assistant of Direction
Sabrina is an actress, aerial acrobat in-training, and student in the Bachelor in Acting program at the National University of Arts (UNA). She has participated in various circus events, theatrical, and audiovisual productions. Sabrina has also filmed several video clips accompanying popular singers and performed in shows for kids. She feels attracted to the stage space for being the perfect place to combine the different branches of physical and visual arts. Sabrina has served as professor of Aereal Silks and Fix Trapeze at Club Náutico Hacoaj and La Estación Casa de Arte, as Community Leader (Madrija) in the Sociedad Hebraica Argentina and as Solidary Volunteer (Mitnadev) in that institution.
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